How to get more energy

  • find a comfortable seat where your lungs feel open and free. Seated on a chair or against a wall is fine or on the floor if you're used to that. 
  • take a few deep clearing breaths exhaling out through the mouth, imagine it like a release of all you don't need inside, stale air, old emotions, tiredness etc. 
  • check in with the body and make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. Get all your fidgeting out now.
  • listen and watch your breath, breath in and out through the nose. No need to change what is occurring with the breath,  observe. You may need to yawn or sigh, let that happen spontaneously. 
  • deepen your breathing and allow the belly to relax. Imagine filling up your whole chest and belly with air like a balloon then release. 
  • repeat for 5-10 minutes