2014 - I love you

This year (2014) has gone off with a bang, my feet haven't touched the ground and it feels like all the hard work I've been putting in is coming together.  

I have to say that I've been pushing teaching evening classes and trying to get them off the ground but it's not been easy and at the end of last year I decided that I would not teach in the evenings anymore. I felt like it was an uphill struggle so I've left it behind and oh how I love what happened.


As soon as I stopped the struggle, everything started to flow, my morning classes were full, the weekend workshops have been full and I began working with schools. It's all been an absolute joy.


Seeing the children at the schools going through their class and being able to be calm and still is just such a joy, not always easy when you have over 20 children involved.


Alongside the children I've also been teaching some of the staff, you can imagine how busy these wonderful people are and how little time they have to breathe themselves. I look forward to helping them find some moments and give them some skills they can use in day to day life.


So this is just really a thank you note to 2014, you're making my dreams come true.