Over the summer, there are no regular weekly classes but I have two pop ups.

19th July FULL.

16th August 5 spaces left.

This pop up yoga workshop will see you transforming any sluggishness into vibrancy, it'll see you diving in to say hello to your essence. It'll see you joining together with other women to support each other's energy and embrace the potency of our Shakti.

It's a fabulous florist/cafe venue near the floral clock, we can stay after for tea/wine, whatever you fancy.

I'll be using essential oils in the class too. I cant wait to share this gift of time together.

If you've already told me you're coming then you're in, if not pls email me so I can check there is space. To confirm your spot please transfer the appropriate amount (see above) to Miss K Norton, Halifax 110418 00182344 and email me to confirm it's been transferred.


I teach classes via the online site Movement for Modern Life. Enjoy a variety of classes and check out other great UK teachers. You get a free 14 day trial when you sign up. Click via this link and pop in WINTERSALE16 at checkout to get 50% off of a subscription. Movement For Modern Life.


Great if:-

  • Have a specific injury or request that you want to work through

  • Can't get a babysitter

  • Back too late from work to make a local class

  • Want some personalised advice

  • This includes a consultation and 60 minute class. At a time to suit you.


Great if:-

  • You have a group of friends keen to learn together

  • Perfect for hotels,  venues and spas that have guests visiting and would like a yoga class during their stay

  • Want to get cues from others (but of course you're so into your own practice you dont really notice the others)

  • Love the energy of a group class

  • Want a cheaper option to private lessons