Reset Your Nervous System - Workshop
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Reset Your Nervous System - Workshop

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29th April 2018

An opportunity to go deeper into the yoga practices and really enjoy some much needed time out.

Are you feeling like you just need to keep going or else you'll never get up again? Do you just flop onto the sofa or feel like life is so fast that you can't catch up or never get a moment to yourself?

This workshop will help to alleviate these feelings. It's designed to help you slow down and rebalance your nervous system.

Our world can seem like it's all about achieving and 'doing' but it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and if you don't find the time to slow down, you may get to burn out. 

When you rely on adrenaline, the body recognizes this as stress and produces chemicals to sustain you. One of them is cortisol which suppresses immune system function and can have a very depleting effect on your body and mind.

Being switched on like this constantly leads to sleep problems, anxious mind and short breath. This morning workshop will help you to slow down in order to experience the peace that lies within you. To reconnect and reset your nervous system in order to remember what stability feels like. You have all you need to do this, let me guide you into your essence to access that part of you.

Come and give yourself the morning you know you want. The Yoga Garden is a beautiful yurt nestled in a beautiful country estate in the Sussex countryside so it's a proper getaway morning.

More details on what to bring will be sent closer to the time. Warm, comfortable clothes, a shawl, pen and paper never go amiss though. Oh and water.

Investment: £44

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Celebrate the Light | Greek Islands | June 2018
to Jun 23

Celebrate the Light | Greek Islands | June 2018

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Lauren Lee and I are delighted to invite you away with us once again. When Lauren and I gather, magical things happen. We complement each other well to offer you a transformative experience. 

This will be our 5th retreat together and we have found a beautiful place to share the practices with you. We are headed to the beautiful island of Koufonisia in Greece for a week of celebration through yoga, nourishing plant-based meals, relaxation in untouched nature, and sacred community! 

We're very excited to journey to the island of Koufonisia next June! It has one of the most unique beaches on the island. Complete with caves, swimming holes and prehistoric looking rock formations.

As always, our retreats are intimate and space is limited, and we would love to welcome you to join us for a week of nourishment and rejuvenation!

Included below is a link to our PDF with full details on the experience. There is a €250 deposit required to reserve your space - we are happy to set up a payment plan with instalments if you need that financial support.

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