Hi, I'm Kirsty, I'm a Reiki Master, yoga teacher, meditation guide and wellbeing enthusiast.. My 20+ years of experience has allowed me to journey through my own limitations to be able to share tools to help free you from yours.

There are many gateways into our essence and I have a toolkit available from my many years experience. I don't believe that one way is the only way. I think there are many tools and so I've spent the past 20 years investigating them.

I see yoga asana as a gateway in, I see meditation as key in our modern world and how we maintain our instrument - our body - is vital in the next stage of what is happening in our world.

I am interested in neurology and how the brain, breath and nervous system are so intricately linked. I love the experience of somatic movement and watching how that frees people up from the physical restrictions.

I'd say my main interest, currently, is in energetics and how we can fine tune our resonance and coherence.  

In looking after our energetic field, (who we spend time with, how we spend our time and what we put in our bodies), we can tune our instrument to be of the highest vibration, This heals those around us, as we heal ourselves. Our capacity to stay awake is key. 

I teach people the potency of breath, movement, meditation and relaxation and how effective these tools are to realising the infinite possibilities available to us all. 

My dharma is to help people recognise their magnificence.

I offer people a way make space within to shed the physical, emotional and energetic residues so they feel the freedom and spaciousness of their essence. I offer healing sessions, workshops and meditation courses to those who are sincere in their journey home. 

Featured in

I teach online at Movement for Modern Life - a portal to help you practice at home. Many of the best UK yoga teachers are on there. Pop in YOGALUX if you want to subscribe and get 30% off.

I write for Teach.Yoga, Elephant Journal, Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine. 

I have taught regularly at various wellbeing shows. To name a few: Om Yoga Show, Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Spirit and International Yoga Day at Alexandra Palace.

I speak about 'From Fear to Here' which talks about how fear is really your ally in reaching an expanded life. If you'd like to book me in for your event, please just send an email to