Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life to support a natural lifestyle.

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How I use them?

* Detoxing my home from harmful toxins in 'usual' cleaning products (join my FB group for recipes)

* Making safe, phthalate free (potent hormone/endocrine disruptor), toxin free perfume and deodorant

* To support my nervous system. Look after my energy levels and balance my mood

*Staying focused whilst juggling different projects.

* Helping my daughter stay grounded and focused and calming her down at bedtime. 

Business Opportunity

My passion is teaching and sharing how you can use these plant essences to benefit your life. This is such a clear path for me and in this business, I attract and teach women who are ready to take ownership of their lives and live it to the fullest and to have fun whilst doing it. I lead and inspire you to live the fullest, best life you can, whatever your situation. This opportunity is about growth, development, inspiration and freedom. This is for those that hear the call, that can see the beauty of what is here in this way of living. If that's you, email me yogakirsty@gmail.com for a chat. Lets see if we are a fit.


I get asked

  1. do I have to commit to a contract or monthly order when I get these oils/products?
  2. What does it mean to be a wholesale customer with doTERRA?


First off, no you don't need a monthly order. You can be a customer. End of. To buy the oils at full cost go here www.mydoterra.com/kirstynorton and order what you want.

If you'd prefer to get 25% off, set up a wholesale account - same link www.mydoterra.com/kirstynorton, just click Join + Save and follow instructions. Any problems, drop me a note.


With wholesale, you get 25% off, you can just buy one thing or a kit, up to you. I recommend getting the Long Life Vitality Kit if you are not supplementing your diet.

It's the reason I am here on this journey, its changed my life as I had adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues and within 3 months I was feeling incredible.

I digress.


This is the way you get free oils and products You get a wholesale account and order monthly. This way you're upgrading your health, living gets more high vibe and you get free stuff. Bingo. I explain more about this on the emails I made for you so if you haven't already put your name in above where it tells you how to find our more about oils, what are you waiting for?


I am passionate about these oils because I have seen the difference the are making, in my life, in people around me and most of all my daughter.