I am an essential oil addict - there I said it. They are part of my every day and I've used them to support myself emotionally, mentally and physically. Here I share what I know, my own experiences of the oils and some useful information about how you can use them too.

I have a podcast you can listen to just below and a FB page all about Essential Oils & Wellbeing so do feel free to join me there. 

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What are essential oils?


During this video, I introduce the Top 10 ‘dōTERRA essential oils which can be used to optimise immunity for all your family. 

dōTERRA which translates as "Gift of the Earth" oils have their own "100% certified pure therapeutic grade" standard and are sourced from all over the world where they grow naturally. 

They have a thorough and careful testing method which means they are  a step above organic. They make a healthy and natural alternative to the mainstream medicines from over the counter. 

I will run through the top 10 oils, how to use them and which products to use to boost your immunity.  

What I will cover:

  • What is an essential oil 
  • Where the oils/ raw material comes from
  • How they are made
  • Why doTERRA?
  • Oils & products to optimise & boost your immunity
  • Summary of the oils discussed
password: top10 (case sensitive)

password: top10 (case sensitive)

How I use them?

In our home, doTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. 

* Detoxing my home from harmful toxins in 'usual' cleaning products (join my FB group for recipes)

* Making safe, phthalate free (potent hormone/endocrine disruptor), toxin free perfume and deodorant

* To support my nervous system. Look after my energy levels and balance my mood

*Staying focused whilst juggling different projects.

* Helping my daughter stay grounded and focused and calming her down at bedtime.