What is Embrace Your Essence?

This series is an ongoing exploration into the self, our true essence. I share ways to access this place inside that is accessible to us all through simple practices such as meditation, movement, deep rest, energy management and discussions.

Our society has certainly 'evolved' but has it really helped us to evolve? Or has it made us more anxious and depressed? What if the true medication was slowing everything down and taking a step back.

Our fast foods, email, the internet has not done us any favours in terms of our nourishment mentally and physically. Social media is starting to replace that feeling of 'community', I believe there is a benefit in it (I've met some awesome people through it for a start) but if you aren't careful you miss out on the real community of human interaction, sangha. If you're finding that you're checking emails over and over, or constantly on FB or any of the other sites for that matter and it's getting out of hand (ie checking more than once an hour although even that I feel is too much), ask yourself what is it you're missing? What are you looking for as you check and look? Are you trying to numb uncomfortable feelings out? Is there something you want to avoid?

In this series I will approach some of these situations but my advice if you want to take charge of your life and lead a more fulfilling one then take a step back, meet with people instead of being online, limit your daily social media interaction and practice yoga nidra every day (yogic sleep) to reset your nervous system. That way you can act from a place of deep knowing, your higher self, your essence.

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