These monthly gatherings are set up to enhance your life and teaching.  They provide a step by step framework to enhance your direction. My intention is that we gather in community to feel supported, inspired and motivated. 

These circles are ultimately here to facilitate you taking ownership and the direction you want to take your teaching in. It requires commitment and discipline. I have set these up to help you develop and move past any limiting beliefs. These circles provide accountability and knowledge. This will change how you show up for your own life as well as your teaching. This is only for those serious about taking their teaching to the next level.

The Yama's and Niyama's set the framework to these sessions giving you a practical step by step way to refine and enhance your life and teachings. The first theme is Tapas & Svadyhaya - Self-Discipline & Self-Study. This sets the foundation.

It runs for 6 months and the next sessions begin later this year. To register your interest, fill in the information below.