Hi, I'm Kirsty, I live in Hove, UK with my daughter and our Staffie, Betty

I'm an entrepreneur, mentor, self-development speaker and writer.

Im also a professional yoga teacher, Reiki Master, essential oils addict and I love to dabble in astrology, oracle cards, shamanism and dancing.

I've lived with anxiety for about 20 years and it's been my gateway to an incredibly fulfilling life.

I use it as my roadmap to step into those zones that might seem frightening at first. Ive studied it from the aspects of how the brain and nervous system are involved in it to how my breath, meditation and yoga can help me manage it.

I speak about it and am currently writing a book on the subject.

What's on this website?

This website is meant to be an inspiring playground to help you live your most fulfilling life. I see life as one big Sacred Mystery.

I believe in trusting your intuition and trusting your instincts. 

There is a blog which covers the esoteric practices, yoga, lifestyle hacks and ways to live your best life ever.

There are free videos for you to practice yoga and meditation at home.

There are details of courses and retreats I run and ways to book me for coaching or healing. 

My values

Simple, steady steps are what it takes to create fulfilment.

Listening to the language of the body is what creates balance. I teach people how to recognise their magnificence..

Once you have created this intimacy, you have the best relationship ever, you respect and trust yourself and you live in integrity. This life is a gift, how can you be the best version of yourself in it? That's where I step in to guide you in that with various techniques I've learnt in the past 20+ years.

Natural health

One of my dreams is to help people get their homes clear of harmful chemicals. You can join my FB group on that.

In my essential oils business, I attract and teach women who are ready to take ownership of their lives and live it to the fullest and to have fun whilst doing it. I lead and inspire women to live the fullest, best life they could, whatever their situation.

love Kirsty x

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